I live and breathe life with a passion. Once again.

But for a long time I didn’t.

When I became a mum, my dreams and vision took a side-step, and got buried under nappies, chores, and the needs of a newborn and a husband! I lost sight of who I was in my own right, I became highly anxious about my abilities to do anything and everything, I began to become reclusive and shy (again), and I became resentful and miserable.

After a long and difficult journey, I finally “found” myself again.

Along the way, I learned (and became qualified in) many skills, techniques and understandings that helped me overcome anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and low self-confidence (and everything that implies).

I’ve come to understand that if I love myself first, then I can show up authentically. And this is where true freedom is. And now the person I project into the world is the person I really am. No more hiding, no more shame or guilt, no more “not good enough”!¬†

Instead – a life of abundance, peace, joy and love. And this is what I want for you too.

And I know without a shadow of doubt that if this is resonating with you on any level right now, I can help you step OUT OF the person you think you are or no longer want to be, and POWERFULLY INTO the “you” you want to be, to create the life want.

I wholeheartedly, unreservedly and with 100% commitment and authenticity offer you the opportunity to create your own transformation.

Come and join me for one of the weekly Monday Meditations – online via Zoom – open to anyone anywhere. By donation only – no fixed price. 9am and 9pm BST. (Please check your local timezone.) Just ask for the link…

Work with me in one of many ways. I offer:

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