About me

I am – amongst many things – a mum of two (very different) children, and one dog – all of whom bring challenges and fun to my life!

Going back to the beginning – I don’t remember much about my early childhood. When I was born I was called Emma, and I was fostered until I was adopted into my new family when I was 16 months old. And my name was changed to Lizzie. I grew up in the south of England in a vicarage, with my brother, and series of rather well-fed cats.

I went to school. And eventually started studying at uni, but didn’t finish. I trained as a secretary (last chance saloon), and started working in London. I worked hard, and played hard. I au paired in Paris. And did some travelling. I accidentally became a Technical Writer in IT. And sometimes I worked abroad.

In my spare time, I pursued things I found interesting, and started learning about the power of the mind, how our beliefs (non-religious this time), thoughts, and feelings are related, and how change is possible.

After many years in IT, I got bored and restless – feeling “out of touch” with myself. I wanted to explore the creativity within me. I wanted to use my hands. I wanted to reconnect with my heart.

I went to study a post-grad course in glass. I loved it. And set up a studio, and completed some commissions.

I went on to study hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. And learnt tapping (EFT).

In my personal life, I had a miscarriage. And was devastated.

My husband and I moved house. “New bricks. New chicks.” I got pregnant. My mum died. We had our baby boy.

That first year was immensely difficult. In so many ways. I guess I was depressed. I felt ashamed, and I lied on the postnatal questionnaire to cover my tracks. And when I was out and about, I hid behind my baby. I lost a lot of confidence. I lost my income. I lost my autonomy. It wasn’t the best of times…

I decided to study Hypnobirthing so I could get back to working. Some income. Some autonomy.

I did. And got pregnant again too. Our baby girl arrived. Our drama queen!

I continued with my antenatal work and teaching, adding doula-ing to my portfolio.

I started working with a network marketing company, and stumbled across “The Secret” which began my journey into abundance, the Law of Attraction, and manifesting…

I stumbled across energy work and studied Pranic Healing – working with prana, chi, energy bodies/auras and chakras. That led me to Angelic Reiki – another healing practice.

I meditated (sometimes).

I also changed my name recently – back to Emma-Jane, and added Rose as a new surname!

I wondered how all my “things” fitted together. I slept on it. A lot.

And finally, bit by bit, each bit took their place, and I could see a shape emerging. An offering.

So, here I am. Offering them to you. In an ever-so practical, and just a little bit woo kinda way!

Hoping that I can help you on your journey.

If you’re feeling “lost”, “out of touch”, like you’re living on other people’s terms, fulfilling someone else’s expectations or dreams, and you’ve had enough and want to start turning that around, then get in touch! We can work powerfully together, and you can make the transformations you are currently only dreaming of (or feeling resentful of other people for having!).

Much love,

Emma-Jane x

I would love to hear from you.

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