Mission: [Im]possible

I have a mission.

Now that could sound a bit grand, couldn’t it? But that’s not my intention.

First, let me share it with you…

I want to share with you what I’ve learnt over my 54 years (nearly 55). Not because I consider myself better than you (I don’t), but because what I’ve learnt has helped me. And it might help you too.

I believe every life lived has a purpose, and sometimes that purpose is to share what we have learned so far, while we continue to learn, and share more.

What I’ve learnt has helped me “be me”. That might sound strange, but “being me” hasn’t always been as straightforward as it sounds. Perhaps you’ve had that experience too…?

It started when I was under 2 – two different homes, two names, two “me’s” already. But for sure, I remember the conflict between the “me” I wanted to be or felt I was, and the “me” my parents wanted me to be. Then there was school and teachers, other family members, and friends. Even career guidance experts. The phrase “round peg, square hole” seems fitting here. Or, should I say, mis-fitting?

Through a series of events, changes, and challenges, I instinctively developed the skill of creating pseudo-”me”s – as many as I needed. Each one seemingly real and authentic on the outside. But on the inside, I knew they were merely masking the “real” me. The layers built up, a bit like papier mache, until I felt “out of touch”. You may have thought you were looking at a free spirit, but inside was a lost soul.

So, what did I learn that could possibly help you?

It began with the mindset stuff. I learnt that…

⭐️My thinking shaped my reality.
⭐️If I became aware of my thoughts, I could begin to change my reality.
⭐️My perception was often the difference between feeling trapped, and being free.
⭐️The world as I see it, is not the way you see it. And we will never see things exactly the same way.
⭐️I needed to give myself permission to do me; I didn’t need permission from you.
⭐️I don’t need approval from anyone else.
⭐️Depression is about being stuck in the past, and anxiety is worrying about the future, and that I can choose the present moment by living more consciously. And that I can deal with adversity when it comes my way.
⭐️I can be anything I want with renewed intention, focus, and purpose.
⭐️Without intention, focus, and purpose, I’m like a boat just drifting at the whim of the wind and tides. Settings goals is a start.
⭐️More is within my control than I ever thought possible.
⭐️My imagination is both my greatest tool, and my most dangerous weapon.

On a deeper level, I learnt that…

⚡️There is limitless abundance for all. And it starts with appreciating what I have, here and now – the stuff I normally take for granted.
⚡️There is no such thing as coincidence.
⚡️Manifesting is real and it happens 24-7, whether you realise it or not.
⚡️If I ask, I will receive, if it comes from my heart.
⚡️Some things are beyond my control. And that’s OK.
⚡️I am always in the right place at the right time, even if it doesn’t always feel that way.
⚡️When I believe that life happens for me, rather than to me, my life is instantly better.
⚡️God is real, but I currently prefer to call it source, or the Great-Out-Doors, or universal energy.
⚡️When I tap into my source and follow my intuition, things flow a whole lot better.
⚡️When I trust my gut instinct, I’m usually right.
⚡️Mother Nature is a great source of energy and a great healer. She doesn’t need us. We need her.
⚡️We are so much more than we think we are.
⚡️We are all connected. If I hurt you, I hurt me too.
⚡️I can choose to be something, or nothing. I have free will.
⚡️If I don’t truly, madly, deeply love myself, I can’t truly, madly, deeply love you.

🧡I am perfectly imperfect.
🧡I am unique.
🧡I am a creator.

I learnt that the “me” I thought was lost, was always there. She was neither lost, nor broken. And she was every single bit “good enough” and more.

💜💜And so are you💜💜

If you’d like to discover YOUR mission, and unlock your true magnificence, believe me – it’s neither too late, nor impossible!!! There is no better time than NOW.

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11 days and counting…!

With only 11 days to go, are YOU on-purpose for 2020 and the beginning of a whole new decade?

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Call me Alice!

One of the themes that runs through my life is “shrinking”. It’s as though I were Alice in Wonderland, and I’ve drunk a magic potion!! Then I have to figure out what will get me back to my normal size…

One of the biggest things that impacted on me in my adult life and made me shrink was becoming a Mum. Equally, it has helped me expand in ways I didn’t know I needed to, or could (and I’m not talking about my belly LOL)!

But the journey hasn’t always been comfortable. In fact, it would be true to say it’s been incredibly painful and difficult it’s been at times – physically, mentally, and emotionally – and dare I say it, spiritually.

For many, it’s the birth story that triggers the shrinking experience – perhaps things didn’t go smoothly. Or you struggled with breast-feeding (that was me).  Or sleep deprivation. Or having a poorly or colicky baby. It could be you didn’t have a mum on-tap to help you (yep – my hand’s up again on this one!). Whatever it was, you end up feeling like a failure, and your confidence began to seep out of each and every pore of you body until it felt like there was only a shadow of you left. 

It’s nuts, isn’t it? I speak to so many mums about this. And virtually all of them can recall feelings of failure and isolation – however fleeting. And many found it impacted on them for a l.o.n.g. time – in fact, on an ongoing basis. A bit like trying to build a solid house on a wobbly foundation. 

The whole deal about “becoming a mum” thing is completely under-rated, and under-valued in our society. It often feels as though we’re expected to just get on, where we left off, just days or weeks after birthing our beautiful new babies. We’re not given time to recover, or reflect on our journeys through this rite of passage. We’re hustled through, chivied along, and anything that caused us trauma, pain, confusion, guilt or shame is pushed aside – or down inside – to be forgotten. But not healed. 

Any ceremony or celebration that would once have been part of everyday life has long gone – except for the flurry of cards, newborn gifts, and flowers – which are lovely, but don’t really cut it when feels like you’re life’s been turned upside down, and you’re feeling leaky from your boobs, your nether region, and your eyes! Sometimes you feel as though you’ve been hit by a truck, and a sticky plaster just ain’t gonna do it, is it? And the worst thing is FEELING ALONE. Feeling isolated. Not feeling good enough. But burying your feelings, and learning to say “I’m fine” “I’m good” – even, or especially, when you feel like sh*t!

OF COURSE life’s going to change when you become a mum! But no-one tells you beforehand HOW MUCH, do they? Going from one to two can be a real shock to the system! When you look at it rationally, and in hindsight, it CHANGES EVERYTHING. 

And it often effects your bank balance, your sense of independence, your confidence – they all begin to shrink!

Anyone else relate to this?

Becoming a mum IS a rite of passage. It’s a phase of development and growth. The opportunity to go within and discover we have everything and more we need by connecting to our source, and our power.

My journey back to feeling whole again – feeling like “me” – took about 13 years. And there was a time I would have been ashamed to admit that. But shame has a way of keeping you small, and that’s no way to be. So shun your shame! And don’t be afraid to begin that journey… It may take some time, it may not always be plain-sailing, but it WILL be WORTH IT. 

Reach out if you’d like to, or share your story below. That’s a really good place to begin…

And start that healing journey now, so YOU CAN SHINE BRIGHT – just like you were meant to!


I’m coming out…

…of the spiritual closet.

When I began Mumolution, I didn’t know what it was exactly or what it was going to be. The name came to me, and I knew it was about evolution – growth – expansion – for women and mums. I knew it was going to be about community and coaching and healing – because these are the things I do, but I didn’t realise at the point of inception, that we’d be talking of the spiritual realms! 

I just felt my way into it – into me – one step at a time. And those steps have led me here. To confess to you that I have been in-hiding – not just from you, but from me too – I’ve been in-hiding from my spiritual side for a very long time…

I guess I discovered my spiritual side as a by-product of going to church when I was a kid. I was adopted into a vicarage family, and part of the deal was going to church every Sunday! I wasn’t an “easy win” though! I questioned and challenged everything!! And over time, I discovered my spiritual side… What do I mean by that? Well, I found that beyond the words of the services, or my own poorly-formed but genuine heart-felt prayers, was another “life”, or aspect of life, that if you tapped into it, miracles happened… Little everyday miracles – if I dared or remembered to ask – like a nosebleed stopping instantly, or the swelling in my ankle disappearing, or finding money! It felt like magic. I used to sit on my bed and “pray” without words. I guess it was more like meditation really – just being. And connecting. Connecting to the soul deep inside me, and to the source that is all around me and extends out into the “everything else”, to infinity – and beyond… 

But the trouble was, by now I was a teenager, and although the connection was strong, it created a lot of confusion in me – it felt as though I was living two different lives. There was the voice guiding me from the inside, and my head and body leading in a different direction – towards normal teenage fun! 

I remember one day having the weirdest of experiences, something I didn’t utter a word of to anyone for the best part of a decade. I was sat on my bed, meditating-praying, when I became aware of this light in my room. Not like the light from a lamp, but like the brightest whitest blinding light that completely filled my room – it was like sitting or floating in a box of pure brightness. I opened my eyes, and it was still there. It was real. It was so bright, I couldn’t see anything else in my room – it was just me and the light. And guess what? I was scared! Like REALLY scared!!! It took me a little while, but I managed to shut it down, and I just sat there, wondering what the…?

And that was the turning point. I turned my back on ALL of it. I slammed the door shut, locked it, and threw away the key. I even did a formal “renunciation”. 

From that point on, I continued to live a pretty normal teenage existence. I had a boyfriend, I finished school, went to college, and got a job…

Life was mostly fun. I didn’t look back. Except for the occasional glance when I needed help, or felt really alone, or something dark happened… I’d shut the door on it and thrown away the key. There was no going back, …was there?!

I remember being about 15 years into my accidental career into Technical Writing – the money was great, and the freedom it bought me – but everyday when I began the charge across the bridge to the city, I felt every cell in my body saying “NO!”. I had an overwhelming feeling of feeling “out of touch” with myself! I decided couldn’t do this any longer. 

And so I got a place on a glass course in the midlands, and quit my job! I just jumped!!! I had to do something with my hands. I had to get back in touch. With what? I didn’t quite know. But I couldn’t ignore this feeling anymore.

And so my journey home began. Alongside glass, I trained as a life coach. An NLP Practitioner. Then as a Hypnotherapist. The emphasis was all on the mind and how much more we could embrace life if only we learned how to use our natural abilities more consciously. And it was good. To begin with. But it wasn’t enough. Deep down, I knew there was more, but I was still in the process of remembering…

In the interim, I met my husband, got married and had my two kids. And all the challenges that came up – especially to do with “identity” and finances – served only to spur me on!

I discovered energy healing, which began to tap into something “bigger” – more ethereal, if you will. And then I felt drawn to train in Angelic Reiki. Why? I still didn’t know – LOL!!!

I also dabbled with MLM companies, and Law of Attraction and Abundance entered my life, and challenged me in new ways.

I read copious amounts of books, listened to audible books, watched and followed the most awesome and inspiring people on YouTube and Insta!!! I began dancing, and singing (on my own!!!), and tapping into my sacred feminine…

A year ago I became a meditation teacher. And during my training, I discovered how much further research had come with understanding meditation, and woo woo stuff (quantum physics). It took it to a new level for me! It made me feel less cuckoo, and more “normal” as I realised I wasn’t on my own with my journey. I was totally “cuckoo”!!! Teaching meditation, and developing my own practise again, brought me yet another step closer…

And finally, I stumbled across the Creation Codes and Soul Purpose Readings. Something I’d always steered well clear of! This was the final piece I needed. It held the story of my life to-date with the challenges I’d struggled with, the denial of spirituality, even the difficult early start I’d had in life (being adopted). It was all there. And as I came to understand my chart, I came to see and accept what my soul has been calling me to do. 

And while I’m only just taking my first steps out of the spiritual closet, and don’t really know where this is going to take me, I DO know that this IS my path, and I’m committed to fully expressing “me” in a bigger way! 

I’m soo excited (and a little bit nervous) of putting this out there. But I know this is the next step on my journey.

So what does this mean for Mumolution? I don’t know! But I DO know that it will unfold in the fullness of time… My guess is that Mumolution is for you – whatever step of the journey you are on. And I hope that by simply sharing my story with you, it will give you permission to explore for yourself. …And if you’re wondering where to start – do what I did, and just start from exactly where you are, begin to become curious – and see where your soul leads you!

With love,

Liz xx


Fed up with feeling stuck or going in ever-decreasing circles?

…Maybe it’s time to shine a little light on things – on your life – on your purpose!

Oh my goodness – I’m sooo excited to share this with you!!!

Now, I just want to set the scene first – I’ve been a Mum for 13+ years now, and it’s been a challenging 13 years in many ways! Some of which I’ve mastered, some of which I have just moved beyond 😉 However, until a year or so ago, the outstanding challenge that I was still facing which was to do with confidence and standing in “my own power” and really doing what I wanted to do!!!

I won’t share all the details with you now – I’ll share them here and there, now and then – but suffice to say I felt stuck, lost, confused, and frustrated. And a bit resentful too!

I had ideas of what I wanted to do, I undertook various trainings over the years (which began before kids), and the dots were definitely linked. And yet I doubted my intuition, listened too much to other people, sought approval from the wrong people, and kept to the shadows. 

Then I stumbled across the Creation Codes. I can’t tell you exactly what attracted me to them, because I’m not normally a “give-me-a-reading” kinda person! But these were different. My reading (which was part of my training in how the codes worked) literally changed my life. Let me explain…

These Codes have been created by Ariella Indigo and has its roots in Jewish Mysticism, the sacred Hebrew language, Gematria Numerology and Ancient Egypt.  The codes are derived from your name, and the vibration of the sounds (everything’s energy and vibration, right?). Sounds a bit weird, maybe? But believe me – they are so revealing and accurate – you will be surprised. I was! Your name and your date of birth create a unique combination of codes that shed light on your past, your present, and your future. In an uncanny, inspiring, and vitally empowering way. 

So here I am – offering you the chance to have a reading – to understand where your challenges fit into the bigger picture, and how to identify and use your unique gifts to overcome them, and turn them into your gold. And how, from this point forward, your life can take on a whole new energy and meaning with the gift of this new information. By shining a light on your life purpose – your soul purpose – you get an opportunity to join the dots, validate those whispers you’ve previously ignored or doubted, and tap into your intrinsic gifts and experiences, so that you can live a happier, more fulfilled and abundant life. With the effect of that rippling out to those in your family, your friends, your world…

Readings can be delivered face to face, or remotely via Skype or similar. Book a private reading to receive guidance about your Divine Gifts, Higher Purpose and how to unlock your soul’s abundance. This powerfully inspirational reading will provide you with your own unique Spiritual Road Map, giving you a navigation system to go through life with. 

Readings can also make brilliant gifts, and what a wonderful gift for Christmas for a dear friend or relative.

Please get in touch for further information, to book a full session, or to receive a FREE 20 minute mini-reading.

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