Mission: [Im]possible

I have a mission. Now that could sound a bit grand, couldn’t it? But that’s not my intention. First, let me share it with you… I want to share with you what I’ve learnt over my 54 years (nearly 55). Not because I consider myself better than you (I don’t), but because what I’ve learnt […]

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11 days and counting…!

With only 11 days to go, are YOU on-purpose for 2020 and the beginning of a whole new decade? …Sometimes it’s hard as busy Mums who are juggling a million different things, to even find the time or energy to think much beyond the bigger picture of “today”! So imagine how useful it could be […]

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Call me Alice!

One of the themes that runs through my life is “shrinking”. It’s as though I were Alice in Wonderland, and I’ve drunk a magic potion!! Then I have to figure out what will get me back to my normal size… One of the biggest things that impacted on me in my adult life and made […]

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I’m coming out…

…of the spiritual closet. When I began Mumolution, I didn’t know what it was exactly or what it was going to be. The name came to me, and I knew it was about evolution – growth – expansion – for women and mums. I knew it was going to be about community and coaching and […]

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So, are you a mum who’s thinking about changing the direction of your life, wanting to do something new? Maybe you’re feeling smaller than you like to admit, or stuck? Perhaps the first months or years of being a mum have changed your priorities in life, your work, your family? This is soooo normal! You […]

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