Meditation is often misunderstood and the impact on every aspect of your being and your life, underestimated.

When we think of meditation, it often conjures up on image of a perfect image, of a perfect-looking person, in a perfect setting, in the lotus position. That’s certainly what comes up when I Google it!

And that’s enough to put me off too.

The practice of meditation is often portrayed in the more monastic sense (monks from the East), and we think it’s about silence, banishing our thoughts, and sitting motionless in an uncomfortable and unfamiliar position for far too long!


The practice of meditation is simply that – a practice.

A practice of connecting to your heart and soul and the truth, peace and joy that lies therein, enabling you to be healthier and happier on all levels.

There are many ways to approach it, so that anyone and everyone can find it accessible.

Come sit with me – sit with you – and discover for yourself what happens.

I currently offer 1:1 mentoring, and Monday Meditations that are open to anyone anywhere on a donation basis (no fixed price).

The Monday sessions are at 9am and 9pm UK time. They incorporate some simple breathwork, self-led meditation (similar to transcendental meditation), and a guided meditation each week. All sessions are live, so you are able to practice with others, and ask any questions you may have. Please check your own timezone to see which suits you best, and request the appropriate Zoom link. 

I look forward to hearing from you, and to sharing the magic of meditation practice with you – not as a guru, but simply as another practitioner – so you can begin to reap the benefits for yourself.

At home. At school. At work.

I would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch